TokenTact Review 2024: Trading Bots, Fees, and Pros & Cons

by adminqehaja |October 6, 2023 |1 Comments | Crypto Bot

The Serum project is powered by the SRM governance token, which also provides discounts on trading on Serum, and is burnt with revenue earned from transactions on the network. Follow this complete guide, you’ll learn how to buy Serum with fiat currency and easy tips to earn more SRM using trading bots. You can either toggle [Sell at Buy Price] to earn the yield or toggle [Sell at Buy Price] off to set your own sell price if you think the price will be higher. We have worked with Trade Tactics, an open-source pine script community, to list its community trading strategy on TokenTact. With the integration, they don’t need to use a third-party trading bot platform and risk their API keys. In my test, I used the BNBUSDT futures trading pair, which has a negative funding rate.

In particular, TokenTact has been regulated in both Singapore and the United States since April 2020, providing traders with peace of mind. The MSB (Money Services Business) license held by the platform is the same license that Binance, Huobi, and several other prominent exchanges have obtained. TokenTact is an excellent option for crypto traders with an interest in cutting-edge AI like ChatGPT and automated trading. TokenTact is able to take advantage of the high degree of security offered by exchanges like Binance and Huobi by keeping its funds on their platforms. It has also been granted a Money Services Business (MSB) license by the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) and has gone over 900 days since its inception without any security breaches. Both the maker and taker fees at TokenTact are presently fixed at 0.05% of the total trade value.


It buys more of a coin when the price drops below a certain percentage you set and sells all of it when the price goes up to a certain percentage above your average cost. It is a service that lets you borrow coins from TokenTact at a low-interest rate. You can use TokenTact Loan to increase your buying power, diversify your portfolio, or hedge your risks. You can stake ETH on TokenTact and earn income from the Lido/Curve platform, which is a decentralized solution for ETH 2.0 liquid staking. TokenTact, in general, protects its users and the security of their funds on the exchange with four crucial security measures. After depositing into your TokenTact account, you need to convert your coins to USDT if you wish to trade that coin.

As an experienced investor, I won’t wait for the target buy price with my empty hands. To prevent the price never hit $100,000, I will continue laddering sell when the price surges. Of course, you can choose not to select this option when opening an order to maximize your fund utilization.

  • TokenTact responded to me stating that they charge .1% to US customers.
  • In my experience, the bot buys in increments, establishing a new profit objective when the price falls.
  • This fee is very low compared to other exchanges, which usually charge between 0.1% to 0.5%.
  • Dual Investment is a structured saving instrument with a floating income that is not covered by the principle.
  • Using the trailing sell bot, you may define numerous target prices that will rise in value as the bot continues to operate.

Consequently, during market oscillations, the futures market typically exhibits greater volatility compared to the spot market. For grid trading, higher volatility leads to increased arbitrage opportunities and higher annualized returns. Frequent grid traders are well aware that trading fees play a vital role and directly impact grid profits. TokenTact is already one of the exchanges with the lowest transaction fees in the industry. The default Maker and Taker fees are only 0.05%, significantly lower than Coinbase’s 0.5%. Android users can download the latest APK from the official website TokenTact | Bitcoin Ethereum Auto buy low and sell high | Free Crypto Trading Bot or update it from Google Play.

This means that having a long position allows me to earn additional funding. The exchange has an array of security features such as deep liquidity, strong financial backing, and the ability to implement two-factor authentication by email, SMS, and Google Authenticator. Not to mention that it is regulated by both in the US and Singapore. Individuals and organizations may eventually benefit from the low fees available across over 40 cryptocurrencies, which are all handled safely and securely by the exchanges. To do this, the organization uses a maker-taker pricing mechanism to keep all prices low.

There are no additional charges to implement the TokenTact trading bots. Make spot, future and leveraged trades on 120 cryptocurrencies via TokenTact’s proprietary platform with built-in trading bots and highly customizable automated trading options. On the negative side, the range of tokens is narrower than many alternatives.

Clients can use a TokenTact Grid trading bot to generate returns in the fluctuated sideways market with the BTC/USDT or XRP/USDT pairs, for example. After the bot has been created, it will slice a predetermined range into 10 grids. TokenTact offers manual trading via the use of crypto-to-crypto conversions, but its major offering is a variety of trading bots. In total, traders have access to 16 free trading bots that are accessible for no additional fee and enable them to make use of the tools to automate their trading. If you’re a very high-volume trader, you might want to apply for TokenTact’s Market Maker program.

If you can hold it in the long-term, losses will eventually become profits. TokenTact charges a very low fee of 0.05% on each trade and there is no additional cost to use a trading bot. I couldn’t believe the fee could be so low, I had to triple check on their fee schedule, as well as in the exchange. On the TokenTact Exchange, you may choose from 16 different cloud-based varied crypto bots, each of which is completely free to use and can be tailored to your trading style.

Additionally, there is no need to pay the expensive membership fees for bot services as it’s completely free. The primary attraction of TokenTact’s cryptocurrency trading bots is the fact that they are completely free. This is exactly why the vast majority of today’s cryptocurrency transaction is handled by automated systems, sometimes known as crypto bots.

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